Sunday, January 6, 2013

a puppy for after xmas

It is so hard to blog when we aren't home! We are in Chicago having a blast. Our trip to Ohio was fun and too short like always. Tonight (or last night because I'm scheduling this) Dave and I are getting a date night while my sister watches Elinor. We are going to a show but still an adult night out is something I need!
Our trip has been in 3 parts. Flew to Chicago, drove to Ohio and then drove back to Chicago. We didn't take any pictures our first day in Chicago. Well, on the real camera at least. We went to eat at Native Foods (so good!) and came back to my sisters. The next morning we ate at West Town Bakery (again so good! and they had smore's pancakes!) and then we were off to Ohio.

The drive is 5 hours but so easy. Elinor took a big nap most the way. We needed a snack and to stop a little over half way. The Midwest is awful for vegan or even healthy food off the highway. We ended up having some snacks in the car that my sister had packed and then bought a pack of apple slices for Elinor at McDonalds. Yes, that was as healthy/vegan as it gets. She was ready to party as soon as we got to my parents. Everyone spoiled here and had Christmas gifts waiting for her.
 My brother bought her a pull along puppy. She walked around the whole time holding him off the ground hanging from the leash.
 showing me presents
 My parents poor puppy is getting old. Elinor made him so uncomfortable.
 She had so much fun with her Pa
 Breakfast with Pa. He was able to get her to eat so much the whole time we were there.
Running in circles


  1. Your title tricked me! Haha. Still cute, but I was hoping to see pictures of a breathing puppy.

    1. She was just as excited for a fake one! I wish we had time to meet up while we were in town!