Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cincinnati Museum Center

Now that Elinor is older and so busy, we are trying to plan on going to more places for her. My mom and brother have passes to the museum in Cincinnati so we all went together while we were in town. My niece is 5 and I knew Elinor was going to love running around with her. Right away Quinn took her hand and they were off.

It is so hard to get pictures of Ellie lately. She is always a blur. She is so busy but
having so much fun.

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  1. The ball area is so neat. And Quinn is so big!

  2. I like the everyone hugging Sean picture.

  3. They are so cute together! It looks like she got to experience most of what it has to offer. When we go we stick mostly to the natural history part. The children's is overwhelming for me.

  4. It is a great place to spend hours on a rainy day. The kids love the grocery store and vet area the best.