Thursday, January 10, 2013

family day

Before we left to go back to Chicago, more family came over to see us. My niece and nephew didn't get to meet Elinor last time we were in town since they were on a camping trip. I was so excited to see everyone and Ellie loved all the attention like always. 
two of my nieces Helen and Katherine. I still can't believe how grown up they are now!
 The 3 youngest cousins having a dance party
 My brother snuggling with Matilda
 more dancing
 my other brother and 2 of his kids Matilda and Seamus
 all the cousins minus Conor
 My parents bought these reindeer with each of our names on them. My brother told all of the kids to stand behind their parents name.
 me, Sean and Terrance with my dad peeking through. Missing our sister Courtney!

I only got a  picture of my parents with Elinor with my phone but it still came out good. Yay for iphone cameras!

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  1. Great pictures. Family times are precious! Love the dancing cousins!