Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nora Jane

The hardcore community is always there is help each other out. Time and time again I read about benefit shows going on for a number of reasons. I've had friends pass away and within days there is a show planned and money being donated to the family.

On Facebook the other day I came across a link to help a hardcore family with a little girl that is a little younger than Elinor. Her name is Nora Jane and she was diagnosed with AVSD. She has a hole in the center of her heart and her left ventricle is almost non existent. She just went through her second heart surgery last Friday. Her parents have set up a fund to help pay for bills and costs of living while they stay at the hospital with their baby. 

As soon as I read the story and saw that sweet little baby's face, I sent the link to Dave. He spread the word right away through his contacts and record label. I'm hoping that me posting about Nora and her family help them out in the slightest. From what they have posted on Instagram, it sounds like the surgery went well and her mama even got to hold her yesterday! 

Head over here to donate anything you can to Nora Jane or directly via Paypal to the address


  1. Ugh oh. I tried to donate and paypal went wonky. I will have to try again when Michael gets home.