Sunday, January 27, 2013

car seat safety

While Dave and I were at a first aid/CPR class they went over car seat safety. Most of the information I felt like we knew. We bought a car seat (diono radian rxt) so we can have Elinor rear facing as long as possible. We don't put her in her car seat with bulky clothing/coats. If I have to readjust the straps to put her in, that layer comes off. We have read our manual and even keep it in the car to check and make sure everything is correct when we have to adjust anything.

The one thing the instructor told us during the class was that parents of newborns are more likely to have their car seat checked by a professional. Once the child is switched to the convertible car seat life is busy and they don't stop and double check that everything is right. When we got home from the class we talked about checking the link she sent us home with to see where in our neighborhood they check seats. I found our local fire dept does it but it seems to be hard to find a time that works with them to come in. Make sure you call before showing up. Usually there is only one person that inspects and we have found that either they aren't there or they are busy. I will write about our inspection when we finally get in there. 

Driving with a baby in your car can be a scary thing even though I know that Elinor is as safe as she can be in our car. We have to worry about other drivers out there. I always see the "baby on board" signs in windows and think that we really need one. Especially when someone is riding really close to us or trying to cut us off.

21st Century Insurance cares about the safety of children while driving and wants to raise awareness. That is why they started a contest to design your own "baby on board" sign. Starting January 25, 2012 to March 15, 2013 you can submit your sign to 21st Century, along with a description of how you made it, for a chance to win any car seat of your choice. The first place winner every week will win a car seat. Every entry will also be entered into a grand prize drawing for a $10,000 baby room makeover.

I think it sounds like a fun way to let everyone know what car safety for children means to you. Head over to 21st Century Insurance to find out more!

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