Thursday, February 28, 2013


Elinor sat and colored for a whole 10 minutes! I was so excited. I was able to talk with her about each color, write her name and draw pictures. She was so serious while she made little lines and dots. I traced her hand and it blew her mind. She kept looking back and forth from her hand to the paper. 

After awhile she dropped one crayon and then another and another because it's so much fun to drop things and have them magically reappear back on the table! I think her little table helped her become more interested in coloring. I'm sure it's confusing when I would put her in her highchair and hand her crayons but she wasn't allowed to eat them. I'm so excited for more artwork with her!
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  1. I just started using the ARTKIVE app on my phone. All three of the kids have tons of drawings, cutouts and school projects. It lets me take pictures and date and eventually print out into books. I still keep most of the originals in a keepsake box for them. I have a backlog of artwork to add!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I've never heard of that app. I will have to download it