Monday, February 25, 2013


While being a nanny, it was so easy to make plans for our days. Being a mom I don't have as much (any) time alone to find different local activities. The town that I nannied in I knew every story/sing along. I knew where every playground was and where every kid friendly store/restaurant is. In our town there isn't as much to do. We do have a local library with a story time that we have been going to. I hope to find some playgrounds when it gets a little warmer. Plus we are walking distance to the beach.

wearing her scarves and reading her books with no pants on.

Right now I feel guilty. I want to be doing so much more with Elinor.  I may have even wrote about this before. She loves being out and around other children. Her whole little life so far we have been on the go and barely ever home. Now we are inside most the week. I know once the weather gets nicer it will be much easier to get out.

I need to be better about inside activities like crafts. She doesn't show interest in them so sometimes I give up. I know if I keep trying she may eventually want to try. Her favorite thing to do now (besides throwing the remotes at me trying to get me to turn on the tv) is putting things inside of boxes or bags and taking them out one by one. We do that 20 times a day with anything from blocks to scarves to clothes in her drawers. Anyone have any good crafts or activities for a busy one year old??

and seriously we need to start hiding the remotes!

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  1. Aggressive remote user :(

  2. Have you tried mini sensory bins yet? I know they're messy but fun ...

    and the dollar store always has something good to put in with rice, beans, flour, water