Thursday, March 28, 2013


I just wrote this post on my phone and then it disappeared! Why is blogging so hard for me lately??

Anyway.... The last 2 days we have been able to spend most the morning/afternoon outside. I can tell a huge difference in both of our moods. We are both less grouchy and throwing less tantrums.

The only problem with this is that Elinor has been doing great on the potty. At home, out running errands and going to museums she will go only on the potty. We have a travel potty to bring out that has a plastic bag with a liner in the bottom to catch the pee and throw away but it is still a little too chilly for her to go outside. It is also hard to set the potty up without just being in the middle of the playground. With Dorie, we would go behind a bush or tree but we are lacking some greenery right now. She was able to hold it the whole time both days but I would like for her to have the option to go. Why can't there be bathrooms at every playground??
I hope it stays nice out and leaves start to come back. This little girl loves being outside!


  1. That is sooo awesome!!! Way to go big girl.

  2. Ah! That last picture is my favorite. Sweet babies

  3. Weekday twins are the cutest! Agree about the lack of restrooms available

  4. What fashion style that little girl has. Love the coat and hat