Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow day

Elinor and I were supposed to work this afternoon but I woke up to a text saying "enjoy your snow day!" from my Friday family.

No one thought it was going to snow much last night but here it is 130pm and still coming down. The news just said we should be getting 12-20". The last few snow storms have been duds and of course this one was only supposed to be 2-4".

We are snuggled in for the day with daddy. He was going to wait until later to try to go to work but with it still coming down he is working from home. We played all morning, made cinnamon rolls and now Elinor is napping. It's so nice having Dave home so I can do little things without Elinor at my feet.
Hope everyone else is having a good Friday!

taking a break from her book to eat her toes

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