Thursday, March 7, 2013

mama and baby crafts

How is it that I'm home so much more than ever but I can never get anything done? I was able to keep up on here, a little on pint size style, plus working fulltime and taking care of Elinor. I'm trying to crochet more and plan more activities with Elinor lately. Both are going well but crocheting is taking forever since I'm trying out new things and activities with Elinor take a lot of time planning for 10-15min of play.

I just finished a hooded cape for the shop but after trying it on Elinor for pictures, I want to keep it for her. But I think I will go ahead and sell it(look for it this week if interested) and possibly make a new one for her. I'm now working on a new hat that I've taken apart 3 times already.

Elinor loves the sensory bowls I've put together. The rice/corn/pasta is her favorite. After work, Dave even gets it out with her again. Yesterday we did water play (thanks Sarah for the suggestion!). I laid down towels with bowls of water, rubber ducks, stacking cups, spoons and measuring cups. She mostly liked moving the ducks from one bowl to the next as I counted and dipping the measuring cups in to get a drink.

Ashleigh had left a comment with a link to Second Story Window. I've never seen this blog but there are a lot of good ideas with sensory bins and crafts for little ones. I'm going to make a list and head to the dollar store soon.

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  1. That cape is so adorable!! I have been asking my MIL to make a little red riding hood poncho forever now. She has it have done. :/