Sunday, April 14, 2013

National Zoo

After one last look at the cherry blossoms, we finally made out way to the zoo. This time we had no problems finding parking. We found a spot right in front of the entrance. The zoo had cleared out since it was late in the day. It was nice but a lot of the animals were in for the night. Since the zoo is free it was still pretty cool to walk around the zoo practically alone.
Elinor was sleeping when we got there. Dave and I like to pretend we are on dates alone when that happens. We walked around getting to talk and actually stop to look at things. When she woke up she was so excited she could run. She was nervous about the statues we tried to pose her next to. Elinor's favorite part was the elephant and the wolves! The elephant brought his ball to the fence and rolled it around. She kept waving, saying hi and making her elephant noises. The wolves were howling which cracked her up. She would put her hand to her mouth and try her best howl.

On our next trip to Washington we will make sure to plan and come later in the day!

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  1. Your trip to the zoo looks amazing. Laughed out loud about your "date" with Dave