Friday, April 12, 2013


I wish our trip to DC was a little longer. We tried to get an early start which of course didn't happen. We had roughly planned our day in our heads without looking anything up...bad idea. There was a lot of walking and looking for food when places didn't exist or were closed. Why are places closed on a Saturday afternoon?? Dave and I got a little hangry but finally found food and were back on track to have fun.
Our plans were to go to the National Zoo first. Then head to Corcoran Gallery while Elinor napped to see an exhibit we wanted to see. While looking for directions on the zoos website (when we were 20 min away) the first thing I read is to plan and come later in the day. We drove around for a long time looking for parking which was not happening. Change of plans, gallery first. We found great parking right away and went to the gallery. It happened to be free that day which was pretty perfect since we only wanted to see the "Pump Me Up" exhibit. It was about the 1980s subculture in DC. Elinor of course wasn't too into looking at anything. She ran around the cafe saying hi to everyone. She decided she needed milk so I put her in the ergo and was able to walk around and see what I wanted to see.

Conveniently the Gallery was located across the street from the White House and National Mall, so afterwards we went across the street to sight see. We pushed Elinor through a crowd to take her picture with the back of the White House. We walked around for a bit then realized we were starving. Dave used the Happy Cow app and saw the cafe at the Corcoran had vegan options. We walked all the way back and got there as it was closing. This is when the struggle to find food happened. 

After we ate we went back to see some sights. Elinor was so excited she could just run and say hi to all the people around. We made our way to the front of the White House with a then sleeping baby on my back.  
This weekend was also supposed to be the peak blooming time for the cherry blossoms in Washington, Dave even checked a few websites before we left and they all said this weekend was the time for 2013.   So we went to the Tidal Pool by the Jefferson Memorial where they are and there weren't any blooming yet!   There were only cherry blossoms in the little park right next to where we parked our car. We wanted to get more pictures of the cherry blossoms by the car but Elinor was asleep. I'm glad I took some earlier.

 look closely on the roof to the right. 

more about our trip tomorrow..


  1. I'm so happy you are posting again. These pictures are so pretty.

    1. Thanks! I hope I can keep updating more often now

  2. Great pictures! Pump Me Up exhibit looks really neat.

    1. It was! I wish I could have looked around a little more