Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tennessee part 2

 My parents told me about a barn where you can ride horses. They also have hay rides followed by a fire where they roast hot dogs and make s'mores. How fun! Too bad we could never do that unless we bring our own.

 Elinor loved it there. I really think she may be a country girl. She loved looking at the horses and playing with the barn cats. We found out later that the cat is actually not very friendly. A man told us to watch out for her after Elinor had been rubbing and pulling on it. The cat didn't seem to mind one bit.

 I had to nurse Elinor before we left. While we sat in the car I snapped this cute picture of my parents waiting. How adorable are they?!

We came home and Elinor and toby played. It was so hard to get pictures of them since neither of them will sit still.

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  1. I miss elinor. Love Toby

  2. Pictures from your adventures are awesome!