Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Dave had to go to Russia to play some shows so Elinor and I went to Tennessee to visit my parents. They had bought a house there awhile ago but finally retired and made the move.

My dad picked us up from the airport. He held Elinor and she snuggled up on his shoulder right away. We facetime with them just about everyday but I didn't think she would make the connection. Their house is amazing. It's something that I wish we can find, big and open. They are in the mountains with nothing but woods all around them. When we got out of the car and I looked up, the sky was full of stars. I forgot that the night sky can even look like that! I didn't bring our real camera since I already had so many things with me. I wish I did but hopefully Dave can get some free time and we can go back.

Our first day there my parents showed us around. There are trails that go everywhere. They have access to the lake, pools, community center for the indoor pool and basketball court, playgrounds, golf courses and more. Everything is so close unless you need to go to a grocery store.

Elinor and their new puppy Toby became buddies right away. He was so good with her but as the days went on my sneaky daughter would push her toys or food into his mouth and then look at her papa to yell at him. Then she would laugh and laugh. Oh that little girl!

She loves her "papa" and "mum". I wish we could be close enough for weekend trips.

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  1. Had so much fun, we miss you, come back soon. Yes Ellie did start to delight in getting Toby in trouble with her Papa haha

  2. OH! That looks wonderful. Do you think they would have us ;) I would love to be surrounded by woods.

    1. It is beautiful there! I would love to live somewhere like that when we are older