Monday, July 29, 2013

family fun day

We didn't have plans for our Sunday at all. I talked to a friend and she told me about Brooklyn Flea in Philly. It was supposed to rain but we were hoping it wouldn't be crowded and Elinor could just run.
We had a lot of fun there even though we didn't really get to look at much. We did get a veggie dog from a food truck and Elinor tried out a few rocking chairs. I want to go back again next week and try to actually look at things.

On the way out we decided we needed vegan soft serve. I looked it up and found a place in south Philly, B2. Once we parked we realized it was family fun day on East Passyunk ave. After ice cream we walked around. Elinor got to play in a fountain and color with some sidewalk chalk. I had never been to that area before. There were a lot of cool little shops and restaurants.

We ended our day with a visit to grandmoms. Dave and I were so tired! As we were falling asleep on the couch, Elinor got to spend time with her mom mom.

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  1. You guys do so many fun things as a family!