Wednesday, July 24, 2013

father's day

yep...just now getting around to these pictures. For Father's Day we went to Davis Farmland. We love that place. It's a bummer that now Elinor can actually play and enjoy all parts of the farm, we move. They had special Father's day events like a free massage for dad and all dads were free that day. 

We started off playing and feeding the animals. Elinor was having so much fun until a goat bit her little fingers while she was feeding him. She was so sad and didn't want to be put down for awhile. Then she saw the baby goats and was ready to go again. 

Last year we went to the water park side but she was too little and not even crawling yet. She had a lot more fun this year! She didn't know what to think of the bubble pit.

It was a little chilly so we finished up quickly playing with water and went to one of the playgrounds. I'm telling you, this place is the best! We didn't even make it to the other playground. There is also a bouncy house.

Philadelphia, where is a place like this near us??

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  1. Im gonna get that goat

  2. She will be director of a zoo someday