Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Travis

Last week we went to Elinor's little friends 2nd birthday party. We all had so much fun. It's been so nice being closer to all of our friends with kids. We went swimming, Elinor collected toy story rings off the cupcakes and played with all the kids. There was even a ton of vegan options (including cupcakes) for us. Thanks Traci!
Best overheard though was from 2 little girls around 7. One told the other "the chocolate cupcakes are made from vegetables!" Danielle and I were the only ones that heard it and couldn't breath from laughing so hard. 
Elinor and Travis have become buddies super fast. They are so funny together. 
Bottom right is of all the kid waiting for the piƱata to open and Elinor not caring and collecting all the leftover cups. 

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