Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Please Touch Museum

Last Monday we had so much fun at the Please Touch Museum for blogger day. We went pretty early which is rare for us lately. We are finding that early might be better way to do things. Last time we went, Elinor wasn't able to play with some things due to crowds. This time there were parts of the museum we had never seen before...a toddler size workout room?? so cute.

Her favorite part was the kitchen in a playhouse set up. I'm thinking she may need a kitchen set for her next birthday/xmas. She would have played in that area the whole time if we let her. We did go back to it twice because she loved it so much. With our free admission for blogger day we also were given carousel tickets. She was so excited! She chose the kitty with the fish in it's mouth. We were both able to go on with her which doesn't usually happen.

Another part that we usually don't make it to is the McDonalds part. With all the big kids running around in there we just skip over it. This time there was only one other family in there. Elinor obviously doesn't eat there ever but she played right along placing her own order, filling her tray with food and sitting herself at a table. We just sat there giggling at how much she picks up on so quickly.

I love that there are multiple age appropriate toddler areas. I can bring Elinor in those areas without worrying she will get knocked over or that she can interact with other littles her size. They also have story times 2 times a day. We missed both when we went but that's one thing I will keep in mind for next time. Speaking of next time...Henry The Octopus from The Wiggles is going to be there on the 13th and Sportacus for Lazy Town is going to be there on the 17th. We like Lazy Town around here so we will be there!

Thank you everyone from the Please Touch Museum for our wonderful day!

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  1. I love the carousel photo of her on the cat !