Wednesday, August 28, 2013

rainy wednesday

I am so behind! I have so many days I want to write about but every time I start looking through my pictures, I move on to something else. So today I will write

Dave is gone for the day and it has been pouring. At the old house we would be stuck in one room all day. Let me tell you how awesome it is having multiple places to play in. We even have our front porch to sit and watch the rain (which we have done a few times already). We had a marathon of (crafts, playdough, finger painting, sensory play with pasta and rice, dress up, etc) that only took maybe a hour.

We started to make some cashew mac n cheese when little miss got crabby. She usually loves to help "cook". A lot of the recipe was putting things into the vitamix, which is her favorite. When we could take a break from cooking she asked for milk and passed out. I guess this rain wore her out. That's where we are now.  I just finished the mac n cheese and can not wait to eat it! Well, I can wait if that means Elinor gets a good nap in.

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