Sunday, September 8, 2013

what a week!

It was a rough one. A few nice things sprinkled in there though. I'm hoping this coming week is a nice quiet one. I don't think we have any big plans except finally putting the rest of our house together. These last few boxes and frames have just been laying around looking at us. I'm stalking craigslist for a few things we would like to tie some of the rooms together. You live in an apartment and you finally get everything in place and perfect and then you move. Why can't everything magically fit in this space like at the loft?? Just some stupid little things to be obsessing over.

Elinor is 21 months today! and today is Grandparents day! Happy Grandparents day to all of you mamoos, papas, mom moms and pop pops out there. (Thanks sprout for telling us.) I can't believe that my baby is so close to being a 2year old. She is so funny lately repeating everything and really starting to sing. We usually listen to music while we eat so she will sit and focus on eating. She will dance around in her chair and hum to the music as she eats. I need to start taking more videos of all the cute things she has been doing. I know my parents would love to see.

thrifted a new jacket she won't take off and batman her panties of course.

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