Tuesday, September 3, 2013

and another boo boo

I guess we are now into the age when Elinor is going to be getting hurt a lot...like everyday. Since her big fall, we have had a bad boo boo just about every other day.

Yesterday we were at Grandmom's house. She was playing, running and acting normal. She swiped my phone and crawled up on the couch with Grandmom to cuddle and play a game. A few minutes later she got down and started to walk. When she took a step she stumbled. She tried again and fell. We all laughed a little thinking her leg was just asleep. I picked her up for a little bit and then put her back down. For the next 30 mintues we watched her try to put pressure on her leg and fall over and over again. She wasn't hurt. She wasn't crying or even acting bothered by it. She would fall and continue crawling to get where she was going. I was nervous her hip popped out of place. She was even shifting her hips to her right to avoid pressure on her left.

We took her to Urgent Care and since it was a holiday, everyone was there. They told us it would be at least 1 1/2 hour wait with 12 people ahead of us. We didn't have a choice so we sat. Even in the waiting room she tried to walk to me and fell again when stepping on her left leg. She fell asleep sitting in my lap waiting. Which is weird because she never wants to go to sleep and only passes out while nursing.

She slept through us finally getting called into a room and while people came in and out getting our info and the story of what happened. Right before the Dr came in she woke up (2 hours later). He asked to see her walk. When we first put her down you could tell she was trying not to step on her left leg. I held out her toy to come get and she ran to it. She then ran to Dave. Either the Dr walked in and cured her without even looking at her or her leg had really just been sleep and she was weirded out by it.

He checked out her whole leg and said everything seemed fine. He had said usually when he hears this story it's because the child has had a fever that gets into their joints, causing pain to walk. But that takes days to go away and Elinor didn't have a fever.

We walked to the counter to pay and she ran and sang a song. So basically we paid $35 for her to take a 2 hour nap on the examination table and a lollipop! I am still glad we went and that everything ended up being fine. Dave and I were pretty nervous all day and when we got home we all laid down and watched a movie to relax.

I thought the trying to walk stage was scary. I think we need to start padding her clothes with bubble wrap.

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