Thursday, October 3, 2013

apple picking

We had a busy day yesterday. After dance class we rushed home for lunch and nap. After nap we met up with our friends at Linvilla for apple picking. It was hot! We have had great weather the last few weeks too. It was a lot of fun though just sweaty. Also not the best light for pictures but we got a few good ones. That sun was serious!

 The many faces of Elinor eating an apple
 Her first picked apple of the year. She was so tiny last year
 taking a break in the wagon to eat another apple
 We were trying to take a cute family pic of the Murphys and Elinor backed herself into them.
 She was so snuggly and cute with Dave on the hayride to pick veggies

Besides picking apples, we picked tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. We made a huge salad last night. We also grabbed another jug of apple cider so I could make apple cider donuts this morning. Now I have to start pulling out all my apple recipes from last year. Thanks Murphy's for spending the day with us!

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  1. when I went apple picking I was LEGIT sweating like crazy