Monday, October 28, 2013

day one

First let me tell you how much I dislike the blogger app....I've written this post multiple times on my phone and each time it disappeared . GRRRRR..ANYWAY...

Elinor's first flight was to Florida when she was just a few months old

We made it to Florida! Elinor was such a great little traveler for our flights. She has flown quite a few times in her life but this is the first time she actually understood what was going to happen. "Ellie fly in plane? up in sky?" with little arm flaps each time.
When we made it to the hotel, we were greeted by "mamoo and papa" (my parents). We don't see them often but with Facetime and phone calls, Elinor acted like she saw them yesterday. She is just so excited to have more people around to cheer on everything she does :)
Papa bought her a Minnie. She gasped when he gave it to her and held it tight, rocking back and forth with her eyes closed. She is too funny.

We don't have set plans for our week. Right now we are sitting in bed with Elinor sleeping in between us and trying to decide what to do tomorrow. We are poor planners. Our one plan is to go to Magic Kingdom on Halloween. We are excited for warmer weather and fun!

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  1. Have fun! Wish my kids were able to behave themselves for a Disney trip! Maybe we can join you when they are 20 and 32 years old...


  2. So glad to see that she flew like a champ! We fly out Wed late afternoon, I'm so ANTSY! That picture of her with the Minnie is just so so so cute. Say hi to your mom for me!