Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maize Quest Fun Park

Last Saturday we were invited to blogger day at Maize Quest Fun Park. It's in New Park, PA which is about 2 hours from us out toward Central PA, but sounded like it would be a good afternoon. We brought along Dave's mom and nephew. Since Michael is 12 we thought he would be into the big kid stuff. Michael also lives halfway between us and the farm so it was a good break in the trip. 

Even though it was a 2 hour ride, it was a really nice drive on country roads.  When we got there none of us could believe the amount of activities at the farm! I thought it would be the corn maze and a store with apple cider and donuts. Wow, was I wrong. I don't even think we got to everything that was there (like the indoor play maze with slides at the entrance which Elinor kept seeing and really wanting to go check out). I figured Elinor at not even 2 yrs old may be bored there and thought I would just be wearing her all day in the Ergo. There are plenty of mazes of all different sizes and age levels and even fun games. 

 Elinor and Michael loved the corn box. Dave did too! Michael said it was so relaxing just laying there in the corn. I think Elinor could have stayed in there all day. She loves when we do sensory play at home and she couldn't believe she could roll around in so much corn.  When we got home Dave still had corn falling out of the cuffs of his jeans.
This slide was so cool! Elinor was giggling like crazy asking for more as soon as she got to the bottom. 
 Elinor liked these hoppy ponies but couldn't get a hang of how to bounce on them. Cousin Michael tried to show her how it's done. 
We mined for gems which all of us really enjoyed.  I didn't notice at first but there are raised areas for little ones to stand on and be a part of the mining. Thanks Michael for pointing it out!  Elinor soaked herself playing in the water. She tried to take a dip in the little stream too. Good thing it was a sunny day. 
 There is a tractor that pulls these little cow cars. I wasn't sure if Elinor would sit still in it but she did great. She had a serious face the whole time but really liked it.
 Elinor was a big cheater in this rope maze.
 We took a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch. We have gone to pumpkin patches before but they are always just pumpkins already picked off the vine laying in rows. This was the first time for all of us going to an actual pumpkin patch. It was beautiful.
 After we all found the perfect pumpkins (they are all $.50/lb but no pumpkin is over $10!) and dropped them off at the car, we headed to the maze. We checked into the counter and got our adventure activity sheet, pencil, crayon and a flag to raise in case we got lost completely and wanted out. Elinor passed out before we started so I just backpacked her in the Ergo. I was nervous we would be in direct sun and it would be too much but I was happy the corn was so high the paths were shadey and there was a cool breeze. 
We heard families saying they had been in for over a hour and a half already. It was funny passing the same people over and over and wondering who is actually going the right way.  We had all been in mazes before but never one this big.  It was seriously huge!  
 We did it though!

Thank you Maize Quest Fun Park for an awesome day! I still can't get over how much there is to do there. They even have pick your own apples, blueberries, cherries, corn and more! and I didn't even mention the store with delicious apple cider and from what I hear the donuts and ice cream are delicious too. We will be going back next year and maybe even going at night for a flashlight night in the maze or for a campfire. 

Fall activities are going on until November 10th. If your family is interested in going, Maize Quest is offering a discount for my readers. Order your tickets HERE or use the code BLGR13 on checkout at mazefunpark.com

Lastly here is a clip of Elinor in the bamboo maze. She would find her way to the front and turn around and start again. She was actually really good at it.


  1. that looked like such an awesome day

  2. What a fun day you had! This park looks fantastic...wish we lived closer!!

    1. I would have never even tried to go. The drive was really pretty and it was worth the trip

  3. That corn pit looked AWESOME!!! My kids would love that!

    1. I need to work on getting a a bin and a lot of corn for Elinor to play with at home. It would keep her distracted for hours I bet

  4. That corn box looks awesome! Would be a killer fall bday party idea :)

    1. I wish Elinor didn't have a December birthday! That would be really fun.