Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Animal Kingdom

Our first day at the parks, we headed to Animal Kingdom. I remember last year saying we were going to skip it if we go again but last minute we thought Elinor would like Animal Kingdom better than Epcot. Elinor was a in a bad mood most the day. We even thought about leaving early a couple times. She did like seeing all the characters though. Even though in pictures she looks like she could care less. She was squealing in the line, couldn't sit still "Ellie's turn? Ellie's turn??" and just wanted to run to whoever we were waiting to see. But as soon as it was her turn she would shut down and become so serious. 
 We have a picture of Elinor in the same spot when she was a few months old
 The best part for all of us was the safari ride
"Where Dumbo go?"
The petting zoo part wasn't as fun as last time.

 Elinor hated the bugs life show. We had to leave early because she was yelling "ALL GO!". It is loud and a little scary.
 We caught the last Nemo show though. She didn't want to give it a chance after seeing bugs life but she ended up really liking it. 
She whined and fussed most the day until the last few hours. As we were leaving she was in the best mood...of course.

Here are some from our photopass

 Dave was a little excited

We had fun for the most part but next time I really think we will skip Animal Kingdom. It is just too crowded and not too much to do, unless we are missing something.

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