Monday, February 27, 2012

Florida part 4

Ok, only one more Florida post after this I swear! The last park we went to was Animal Kingdom. I wasn't too impressed but we were told we just went on a bad day. It was insanely packed and hot. We didn't seem to see too many animals but now looking through the pictures I guess we did.
baby scuba diver
She really wanted to meet Minnie. The line for Mickey was too long so we told her no
 she wasn't impressed anyway

 Dave was really excited about random lizards everywhere
 Love these guys! But I was sad I didn't see them underwater 

 On the safari ride the giraffes decided to cross the rode in front of us and wouldn't move. They were so close
 He made me want to cry. How sad is this??
 first time meeting a goat. She smiled so big at him 
Smiling at momma at the end of the day

iphone pics...
 being shy in front of the ducks
 being milk drunk
looking at birds
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