Friday, November 15, 2013

run down

Yesterday I was so run down and feeling sick. Dave took Elinor to gymnastics and then after her nap took her out again to run some errands. I was so sad to miss her class but I really needed a day off. I keep going to sleep later and later and Elinor is waking up earlier and earlier. Not to mention her naps aren't lasting very long anymore. Why do nap times have to end?! We all need that mid afternoon break!
Dave sent me some pics during class. Here is Elinor practicing her donkey kicks

I feel so much better today. Our house is an embarrassing mess. Good thing no one will be coming over soon. I hope to catch up this weekend with cleaning and reorganizing toys. So many baby toys need to come out of the play room.
walking up the wall to a handstand

Elinor's imagination has really taken off. She sits and plays with her toys and makes them interact with each other. It is so sweet to watch. Everything is mommy/baby. If she has a big and little piece of food, it is mommy/baby. She also is singing all the time. Songs she knows, songs she's never heard before and even making up her own songs. Dorie used to make up her own songs and it was my favorite.

Her attitude sometimes though...whoa. We keep encouraging her to take a breath and use her words to tell us what she wants instead of a meltdown. It happens every once in awhile but sometimes she's screaming too much to even hear what we have to say.

I can't believe she is going to be 2 in less than a month! I need to start planning a little party. If you need me I will be lost on Pinterest

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  1. Hello there! I found your blog from top baby blogs. Me and my two year old boy are vegans and he's breastfeeding too! The nap time thing is a sad story here too. He wakes up 2-3 times to breastfeed so I get like 20 minutes for me as he sleeps. Amazing, right? I'm thinking to cut his nap time so he can at least go earlier to bed at night.

    Nice to 'meet' you!

    1. Hi! It's so hard to decide because every once in awhile she will take a great nap!

    2. I know! Nereus does the same!