Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Ok, I promise this is my last Disney post. We had a ton of iphone pics that I wanted to share with my family and anyone else who is interested...
Elinor loved spending time with her mamoo and papa. The day we checked out they left before we were up. As soon as Elinor woke up, she ran out of our room yelling "Mamoo..Papa!!!". When they weren't there she pouted.
 The resort we stayed is so nice. There are multiple pools and lazy rivers. We took Elinor to the kids play area with a little pool and spray features. She made friends with some little girls and they let her use their floats and toys.
 Downtown Disney is so much fun! There is a lot to see and do without spending money. The lego store has awesome lego buzz and woody, snow white, hulk and a ton more to take your picture with. There are also little lego tables set up for kids to build. Even little tables with the bigger legos for Elinor's size.
 We wouldn't have spent much money there if it wasn't for BabyCakes. A vegan bakery right inside a chicken restaurant?? It doesn't matter because everything we got from there was delicious! Especially the chocolate chip cookies and brownie cupcake.
At Animal Kingdom
 Elinor pointing to the sticker Dave put on the back of his phone so she would look when we took pictures. And this big girl passed out after a fun busy week!

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  1. Thank you for the pictures. It is so nice to be able to feel part of your life even though we live so far away. Happy to enjoy a vacation with you Dave and Ellie. We had a great time and the pictures help us to relive each moment. It especially helps seeing as we didn't bring a camera, ha ha. Love to you all