Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas eve eve

Some decorations and crafts from our day so far. Soon I have to start wrapping, cooking, and organizing everything. How is Christmas Eve already tomorrow?? I'm so excited for Christmas this year though. Elinor actually understands it slightly. She knows Santa brings toys but all she keeps asking for from Santa is a candy cane. We had to make sure to pick up one to put under the tree. Last year she was obsessed with the can of baking soda so Dave put it under the tree for her. It seems like every year we are going to have one little silly gift to give her that she really wants.

top left is Elinor's first smiley face! She started drawing circles recently and decided all on her own to add eyes. After she made it she told me "Mama! I made Santa! Santa happy!" Oh I love this kid!

Everyone have a great couple of days! I am so happy we aren't traveling but still get to spend our holiday with family.

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