Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIY presents

I decided to make presents for a lot of my friends and family. Great idea but I should've started a lot sooner. I've been crocheting so many things that my fingers hurt. Plus making things for all the 6-7 year olds in my life is stressful. They all know what they want and will tell you if they aren't happy. So much pressure!

Elinor is so interested in what I'm doing. She picks up my hooks and pokes the yarn ball with it. Then she yells "yay! I did it!". I looked up finger knitting to show her. I think she's too little but with some help from mom, it should work. She is always so proud of projects she does. Dave was gone all day yesterday. When he got home she grabbed his hand to show him everything she had made during our day. Including the Christmas tree that has been up for weeks, just in case he forgot.

I have a few more things to work on. They may be late but I will finish them! Then I can start working on my Etsy again. I have some ideas for the store from all the gifts I've been making.

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  1. With hubby's layoff, i should have done this too. Or started shopping back in the fall, so I'd be done and safe. Ugh! Well, it'll be over in 9 days...

    1. Since I'm not working this was my solution to save money. It is so stressful though! Of course if I started earlier it wouldn't have been so bad. You're right though, only 9 more days!

  2. The pre-Christmas 'making' season is never long enough. I should probably just start in January at this point. ;)

  3. I don't celebrate Christmas so this time of year is not hard for me. I do like crocheting and knitting things for my family members. My twins always say, "Mom made it with love and hugs in every stitch."