Tuesday, January 7, 2014

eleven:11 photography studio

I don't know of many local photographers but I seem to know a lot from out of town. I also didn't seem to notice that most of them will and love to travel.

Eleven:11 is a super sweet couple from Cincinnati, Ohio that take amazing photographs. They do everything from weddings to families to even pinup/boudoir. What's great about them being a couple, each one can follow each partner before they wedding. They have great shots of the couples getting ready with their friends and family.

I know so many friends that recently had babies or found out they are expecting, got engaged or are planning a wedding and looking for a photographer. If you are looking for someone to take beautiful pictures and capture sweet moments check out Eleven:11 Photography Studio. They love to travel and are looking to do so this year. So even if you aren't in the Ohio area contact them.

Also can we talk about this dress?? I want one to play dress up with Elinor!

Check out the Eleven:11 blog here


  1. I am not big on getting my photo, but love getting ones for other people. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures, they are so cute!!

  2. these baby photos are precious!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I hate when I fall in love with out-of-town photographers!

  4. These pictures are sweet : ). I love learning about other photographers. One of me best friends shoots in Chicago.