Monday, January 6, 2014

fun and snow

The last few days have been spent seeing kids shows and playing in snow. We went to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live and Disney On Ice. Groupon and Living Social are great things! They make it affordable to go see these shows. Elinor loved them of course. It was her second time seeing Yo Gabba Gabba Live and did the same thing as last year....sat it amazement with her mouth wide opened. At Disney On Ice, she was a little more animated. She would wave and point out if a new character came out. It's nice getting out of those things without buying all the way overpriced toys they are selling. Both times I brought a toy from home and reminded her she already had one and it worked. I'm sure next year it will be a fight.

Playing in the snow around here has been a lot of fun too. My snow boots got lost in our move which is a bummer and makes for numb toes in my rain boots. There is a huge hill across the street from our street that everyone in the neighborhood goes to ride sleds. Some friends came over on a snowy day to go check it out with us. Our 2 year olds were too little for the hill though their 5 year old went down once. We found a smaller hill on the other side that was perfect for our kids. On the way to the smaller hill, Elinor was being pulled in the slide with her friend when Dave pulled them a little too fast causing them to fall and the 5 year old on top of Elinor. They were fine but Elinor got a face full of snow and she was done. Dave got her to try the little hill once and she liked it but was too cold to stay around. We ended our napless day in the warm house playing dress up and passing out while eating dinner.

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  1. Love to follow the adventures of Ellie and her parents. They know how to enjoy life no matter the weathe