Friday, January 24, 2014

I like food

Our meal planning took a hit this week from the snow storm. We knew it was coming but still planned on going to the store the day of. Well, we never made it. We've been eating leftovers and random things every night. I guess it's good to completely clear things out every once in awhile.

We made the coconut chickpeas and kale again. I think all of us could eat that everyday. It's so easy and good!

I had a ton of cashews so I made a batch of cashew cheese and put it on some noodles for mac n cheese. We also had some Gardein chicken with it. 

Today we went to The Pop Shop with some friends. It is a diner style place in Collingswood, NJ. The street is super cute with tons of shops. If it wasn't so cold, it would have been nice to look around. The Pop Shop is one of the most kid friendly diners I've ever been to. They have a book shelf full of books and coloring books as soon as you walk in. There is a little bucket full of crayons on each table. It's always a struggle for just us to go out to eat, let alone with friends and their kids. The Pop Shop does a great job making it a lot easier (super friendly staff, balloons). The menu even has 3 different kids menus. 12 and under, 5 and under and a baby one where items like bananas, applesauce or plain noodles are only $.99. Perfect for toddlers when you don't want to spend a lot of money on a meal they are probably not going to eat even though they say it's what they want. Dave really enjoyed the options of soda. Any soda and your choice of syrup. He had a strawberry banana coke. It was soooo sweet but he loved it. 
The best part is they are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Tons of options for us to choose from including soy ice cream! 
We will go back again soon and hope for nicer weather to explore the area. 


  1. The coconut chick peas and kale look outstanding! I would love to try that - yum! We LOVE the Pop Shop - totally one of my favorite spots to take kids for a special fun meal!

  2. I am so sick of having snow pictures ;) We've been doing leftovers as well. I am so excited to be doing Chipotle tonight. The simple things, LOL.

    1. we usually have pizza tonight but we have leftovers from The Pop Shop that I'm excited about!

  3. Oh I wish we had somewhere that was vegan friendly that also liked kids! We always bring my daughter food when we eat out since her diet is vegan-but-eats-meat. Food allergies are fun :) Can't wait to check out that cashew cheese...

  4. Looks good! I'll need to try that Kale and Chickpea recipe!

  5. We haven't tried this yet. If it's a hit with your family, maybe we should give it a try too.

  6. We LOVE the Pop Shop! I haven't been there in awhile and now I think we need to make a trip there soon :)