Thursday, February 27, 2014

Colgate optic white toothbrush + built-in whitening pen

Influenster sent me a Colgate optic white + built-in whitening pen to try out. I previously had an electric toothbrush that I wasn't too found of so I was looking forward to trying out a new toothbrush. This toothbrush isn't electric which is fine with me. There is a rubber textured spot on the back of the brush for scrubbing your tongue. I really liked that since I always brush my tongue too. The built-in whitening pen was way easier to use than I thought it would be. It comes sealed separate from the brush. You take the cap off and just insert it into the toothbrush to store. I am super scattered brained and I know 100% if the pen wasn't stored in the toothbrush, I would have lost it the first day. After brushing your teeth, all you do to whiten is turn the dial to click once or twice and scrub it on your teeth. The tip has rubbery little teeth so it is super easy to scrub every edge of your tooth. The only negative I could possibly give this product would be that you leave the whitening paste on your teeth and within minutes it dissolves. It really isn't an issue for me but I would figure some people wouldn't like it.
ignore the mess that I am
I'm am extremely picky about toothpaste. It has to be the right minty flavor and texture or I'm grossed out. I was nervous to try a new toothpaste but I went for it. I actually like the Optic White toothpaste way more than the kind I currently use. It is minty and refreshing just like my favorite gum.
I have been using my Colgate Optic White toothbrush and whitening pen for almost 4 days now and I can really tell a difference. With all the coffee I drink, I really needed some whitening!

Influenster sent me this product for testing purpose. All opinions and words are my own. 


  1. I love brushing and new toothbrushes, very cool

  2. What a cool toothbrush! How is the whitening pen? I have really sensitive teeth and find that most whitening products leave my mouth aching. =(

    1. I actually have sensitive teeth too and it hasn't bothered me at all.

  3. I have been looking at that lately... I'm glad you recommend it!

  4. I'm going to look into this. I have the whitening trays from the dentist but the refills are pricey. plus I forget to get them when I'm there.

  5. I have been interested in trying whitening trays. It is nice to have a recommendation from a real person instead of an actor's portrayal.

  6. This is really nice topic, which is very use full for me.

  7. I am SO interested in this! I would LOVE to whiten my teeth again. I did it years ago for my wedding but not since. And I have drank a lot off coffee since then and three kids:)