Thursday, March 20, 2014


I can't catch a break! I had a cold last week and this week I had the flu. No fair! Luckily my parents are in town and could help with Elinor since Dave is traveling again. I feel really bad that they have been stuck inside for days and taking care of me and Elinor. But also I don't know what I would have done if they weren't here.

I'm feeling better today and hoping to get outside in the sun for just a little bit. Maybe even do a light flow of yoga. It's been days and my body is aching and needs to stretch. Elinor has been back to being wild again. We can usually calm her down but lately she is just everywhere. We happened to check her height the other day and think that might have something to do with how she has been.

Her poor little body was growing so fast and she was probably in pain! Her eating has slowed down now so maybe she will get a break.

I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying their first day of spring!

If you are on facebook please go vote on this picture of Elinor so we can win a trip to Disney! Thanks!


  1. Oh my goodness, she grew a ton in two months! I'm glad you are feeling better

  2. Sometimes a growth spurt can really throw them off! Good luck, I hope she gets back on schedule soon.

  3. I need to catch some of that growth she has

  4. She sure had a growth spurt! Glad you're feeling better. I'm loving all your yoga pics on IG

  5. Oh, no! Hopefully a break is on its way now.