Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter bunnies!

Yesterday we spent most the day outside. We really were not prepared for Easter. I forgot to put Elinor's basket together the night before. While Dave had her on the potty, I ran downstairs and threw everything in her basket. They came down the stairs and she was confused by her bunny basket sitting on the couch. I guess we didn't talk about Easter or baskets too much with her. Over the last few weeks I had picked up a box of chalk, a bubble wand, little play toys for her new pool and an Anna dress. Of course she put her dress on right away and wanted to go outside to try out her chalk and bubbles. Dave made us home fries and french toast for breakfast, which was delicious! 
Dave's mom came over later to go on a walk with us. We live right near trails that we haven't explored too much. We walked down to a pretty section with cherry blossoms. We meant to just loop right back up to our house but took the wrong trail. We ended up way out of our way but we found some really cool spots. We were gone for a good 2 hours and I was so happy I remembered to grab the Ergo to backpack Elinor most of the walk. 

Along with not being prepared, we didn't hide her eggs or even open the package to put candy in yet. When we got back from our walk, I quickly stuffed candy in her eggs and then Dave ran out back and hid them. She had so much fun finding them. I think she will be asking to play hide and seek with her Easter bunny eggs again. About half way through her search, an egg popped open and she realized there was candy inside. She dropped and starting opening every one of them. We told her there were more hidden so as she found the new ones, she opened them up and ate the treats. Good things we only put out 20 and only one piece in each. 

Dave made sloppy joes with cashew avocado cream for dinner. We also had a little cake that Elinor and I picked up at Vegan Treats a few days ago. I was so incredibly stuffed after dinner, it was all so good! We finished off the day with watching Tangled and passing out early. We never got around to dying our plastic eggs but we can always save that for this week, right?

How was your Sunday?


  1. She looks like she had a ton of fun!

  2. Looks like a pretty awesome time :)

  3. From the look of those photos, it certainly does not seem like you were unprepared! Glad you had a great day.

  4. Yesterday was a perfect day for being outside. Cute pictures!

  5. Looks like a great day with lots of memories!!!!

  6. Oh she's so cute! And see, you don't need to be overly prepared to make wonderful memories. ;-)