Friday, June 20, 2014

I like food

Philly vegfest edition!

Last Sunday was the first Philly Vegfest! We loved Boston's vegfest and went every year. I was so excited for this. We got to try some new food, found out about awesome restaurants, and saw some friends. Of course it was super packed and we didn't get to try everything we wanted. I hope it happens next year! This city is full of little vegan and vegetarian spots that weren't even there.
Soom makes chocolate sesame butter! So good! Matt & Nat vegan handbags. I love that peach one
There was a huge line for the vegan scrapple so we didn't get to try any. Sweet Freedom was handing out samples of cookies. I love that shop! NOt only vegan but also gluten free, soy free, peanut free, kosher, and more. They just opened a new shop in Bryn Mawr. I haven't been in yet but I drove by and it looks a lot bigger than the philly store.
This was about the time it was getting so packed, we couldn't move. Elinor and I found a place to wait while Dave picked up some more snacks.
 yummy fresh juice but I forget the name! Whole Foods was there and handing out pretty big servings of Beyond Meat Jamaican jerk chicken with mango salsa and coleslaw.
 Italian seitan 'cheesesteak' handpie with heirloom marinara and a Nutella-fluffernutter handpie with homemade vegan hazelnut spread from Miss Rachel's Pantry. Elinor was a huge fan.
 We had a great time! I'm so excited for all the coupons we picked up. It's not often you find a ton of coupons for the vegan products we buy.


  1. Looks like so much fun and delicious food.

  2. ummm, Caitlin, I just donated a few matt & nat bags to goodwill. Sorry. I should have sent to you. #downsizing #toomanyshoes #toomanybags #toomuchmakeups