Friday, July 18, 2014

I like food

 It has been hot! We have window units all around our house but not in our kitchen. We do have a ceiling fan in the kitchen. With the oven on, the ceiling fan just whips around hot air. I've been trying to get away with not cooking too much. Making a bowl is a great option. I've said it so many times but I would rather a bowl from Life Alive in Salem. Since that isn't possible (at least until next week!) I've been making a few bowls a week.
 This one is rice, arugula, broccoli, avocados, tofu, corn, nutritional yeast, and topped with Goddess Dressing from Trader Joe's. So easy and fast to make. 
 Elinor actually likes them too. Hers of course has to be deconstructed. If I put cheesy sprinkles (nutritional yeast) on just about anything she will try it.
Big news!! Our Whole Foods finally got Earth Balance Mac & Cheese in! It was an excited night for us. We all really liked it. Elinor even had 2 servings and asked for more but it was gone. We made buffalo tofu with it and corn on the cob. I think the mac & cheese tastes like Annie's from what I remember. It has been a few years though. Now if only Whole Foods could keep the Earth Balance cheddar squares in stock!
and always a pizza night with Daiya cheese and sun dried tomatoes. We took a tip from Pizza Brain and added arugula on top after baking the pizza. Makes it so tasty!

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