Wednesday, July 16, 2014

houston playground

Last week we ventured to Houston Playground. It is fairly close to our house. I'm so surprised no one told us about this spot last summer. I'm so happy I'm finding new playgrounds and fun things to do! 
There are two playgrounds, a toddler/preschooler friendly one and a big kid one. Luckily, the smaller one is in the shade. We walked over to the bigger side but Elinor decided she didn't want to try it out.
Plenty of swings on the smaller playground.
From the smaller playground you can see the splash pad. 
on the other side of the splash pad is the bigger playground. Full sun. Beyond this are baseball fields and basketball courts. Again, we didn't go over that way. There is a summer camp there during the week and I didn't want to disrupt their games.
The water comes on at 12pm. I think it stays on till 9pm and it isn't on during the weekends. Which is a bummer. Elinor had so much much running through the water.

If you are ever around Roxborough, PA check out Houston playground. It's a fun time!


  1. Looks great! I get bored with the same ones around here.

    1. I know! We go to the same one every week. It was a good change

  2. I love seeing that little one of yours enjoying herself!