Friday, July 25, 2014

I like food

I wanted to share this cute protein reminder. Vegans are not protein deprived! Stop asking how we get our protein! I don't know where this image is originally from but I got it from here 
 This week we were in Massachusetts. We had to visit some of our favorite places while there. Flying Saucer Pizza in Salem, MA is awesome but even better, they have a new menu. We tried out the Silurian, evoo and chopped garlic, Teese cheddar, mac n' Teese casserole, kale, sundried tomato. Insanely good! 
 tofu fro-yo from Kushco Bistro with starberries and oreos mixed in. Elinor probably ate more than half. She was so excited it was pink!
 The best cold brew coffee from Gusto Cafe in Beverly, MA.
 Life Alive!! So excited we got to eat it twice. The emperor with tofu and no cheese. Always my favorite. Elinor loves the vegan kiddie quesadilla and a pink smoothie (eros alive)
The cambridge location has a great kids space on the lower level. I sat with her at the little table while Dave and his friend sat at a nearby table so we could all still talk. It was one of the most pleasant dining experience. She would sit and eat then play again. I even read her a few books while she finished up her food.

We went to Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge, MA too. We only ate treats but for some reason my boston cream pie disappeared before I got a picture. Elinor tried the strawberry ice cream. I managed to get a taste of it before she firmly told me that it is her ice cream. For having a baby in a diner super late at night, everyone was friendly and helpful! Thank you guys for making us feel comfortable with being bad parents and having our child up late at a show!

Do you have a favorite restaurant while traveling?


  1. YUM all of it sounds so delish!!! As a non-practicing vegetarian I so appreciate new ways to find and eat good sources of protein! I want that pizza NOW!

  2. Looks like you're having fun (and eating well) while on vacation. I'm a bit jealous. I miss Boston, too!