Tuesday, July 15, 2014

polagram photobook

*Polagram sent us this book for free but all opinions and words are my own.
I always want to print out pictures of Elinor. I've downloaded some apps only to find out you can only use pictures on your camera roll. I take a lot of pictures. Too many. I have to dump all my pictures on Dave's computer and start again pretty often and I'm left with an empty camera roll.
Polagram allows you to use pictures from instagram and facebook. I was able to make a book of Elinor in minutes by just scrolling through my instagram. I used pictures from the day she was born up to the day I made the book. Only using 26 pictures I made an amazing hardcover book of her whole life so far.
The pictures are such good quality and take up a good amount of the page. It is so perfect for her to flip through. She requests to read her Elinor book all day long.

Polagram has some new products too that look just as cool. 8x8 or 8x10 big prints, posters, and phone cases. I think a poster to hang on her wall of all her adventures would be fun too. Feel free to use my promo code PGTQ3ALK if you decide to order. You will receive 2 euros off your order.


  1. I am a total slacker when it comes to photos- they are all still on my camera! This is on my "to do" list!!

  2. beautiful. Love square photos.

  3. That book came out great, I am so far behind on Jacks baby books.

  4. OH! I need to do this ASAP! Thank you! What a great idea for holiday gifts too!

  5. Love it! I really need to do this as I am so far behind on the kids pictures.