Friday, August 15, 2014

I like food

 I feel like we had a lot going on this week. Dave was left to do dinner a few nights. This was one of them. Spaghetti Squash casserole. Basically spaghetti squash baked with tomato sauce, cream cheese, broccoli and topped with cheese. It's pretty easy and really tasty.
 More tofu scramble this time with a side of homemade hash browns. Tofu scramble with tomatoes, asparagus, kale, nutritional yeast and black salt.
 They didn't have Daiya cheese in at the store the other day so tried out Teese. We have had it before but it's been awhile. Teese comes in a tube. Instead of shredding, we threw slices on top. We also added basil from our garden and tofurky sausage. The cheese melted really nice and the taste was pretty good.
 Another night Dave was in charge. He sometimes tells me we have nothing in when really we have a few more meals left. he ordered indian food from Tiffin. Vegetable somosa and chana masala. I love this place. It might be in my top restaurant list.
 It's been awhile since we made cheesy coconut kale and chickpeas. This meal takes minutes and all of us love it. We are running low on nutritional yeast so it wasn't as "cheesy" as usual. Still just as good.
We all wanted a treat after dinner so I took some of our frozen banana stash, blended it with cherries, walnuts and chocolate. Perfect ice cream! Elinor couldn't wait to eat it. That's her spoon and tie dye shirt peeking in the picture.

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  1. You have been having some absolutely scrumptious summer dinners! : )