Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This is Hardcore

Dave and I met at This is Hardcore 2007. As the years go on everyone is getting older, married, divorced, having babies. It's crazy to see old friends from out of town and catch up on where everyone is. Elinor has always done really well every year but a 2 year old at a 3 day music fest?? You never know what you are going to get. She mostly thinks everyone is there to hang out with her. She gets to get extra iPad time and eat all the snacks.
I forgot the ergo the first day. Luckily it was only half a day and I had her Aden and Anais blanket. I made it into a sling just in time for a nap.
and transferred her into a box of sweatshirts before the bands started playing. This box became her safe spot for the whole weekend. As soon as we walked behind Dave's merch table she ran and jumped in. She kept her backpack of toys and coloring books in there.
The night Dave's band played we had access to the backstage room. It's always the best. There was even a nice private bathroom attached.
Trying out someones guitar.
Watching daddy play
A friend took this of us. She became obsessed with a doctor game but wasn't sure on how to do some of the tasks. By the end of the weekend she was a pro.
vegan cupcakes named after Dave's band. Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes named a bunch of their cupcakes after the bands. Worked out perfect that Elinor wanted chocolate anyway. Thank you Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes for giving us a blacklisted cupcake for free!
Hanging with her buddy George. He stayed over a night and taught her some songs. She hasn't stopped singing them and making up her own.
another friend that stayed with us from Japan. Hopefully we will get to see Takashi when we go in October.
Making new friends who are super good with kids. Don't mind Tom's grumpy face, he loves her.
This was either while Dave was playing or right before. She dissed me to hangout with Chris.

Remember how she wasn't into watching Dave's band play in Boston? Well this time she loved it. She was playing air guitar, jumping, dancing and trying to go on stage. Thanks to Chris that sat by her (since she wouldn't listen to me) and held her back from running out. If you aren't too familiar, there are generally a lot of people running on stage, singing along and jumping off. Not too safe for her to run out into.
I love Robby's pictures

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  1. Oh wow, how awesome!! It sounds like you had a blast. Kids go through phases; it's nice to see she's finally into IT. It's just the best when we see our kids embracing what we enjoy. Wait til she's 16, blasting classical music and rejecting all the music you love, LOL.

  2. It looks like Elinor had a great time and was so proud of seeing her Daddy on stage! She will probably grow up with a strong appreciation and love for music!

  3. So sweet. We took our two year old to a music festival and had a great time. But since adding kid #2, we haven't been back since.

  4. What great memories you are making! Such fun!

  5. Wow! She looks like she did a great job. Music is so important for kids!

  6. You guys are so adorable. Elinor is a cutie pie too!

  7. SO great! Reminds me of our kiddos. We haven't taken one of ours to a three day music festival (I am in awe of you) but all of then can do some pretty mean scissor kicks!

  8. I love that shot of her watching from backstage.

  9. It's so awesome how she gets to be around something like this!!! Looks like a blast!

  10. I love that she is having so many fantastic experiences growing up! What a great family you have!