Thursday, August 7, 2014

Philadelphia Zoo

We haven't checked out any new parks recently due to traveling (which I'm so behind in posting about). Elinor and I finally had a free day on Monday so we headed to the Zoo. It was such a nice cool day and not too crowded. We went earlier than we normally do. We tend to stick with the same loop but this time Elinor requested to go backwards. We started at the small mammal house. Everyone was awake and active! It was so exciting to see. She saw other families posing in front of the hippo. She ran to it and turned around posing. I had to hurry and get my phone out to catch it. She did the same things posing as the monkey saying ehehehehe.
some little guys in the mammal house. The striped possum is so cute.
sloths!!! I was so excited. I have never seen them before here. They are usually hiding somewhere snoozing away. 
The armadillos were even awake. 
sitting on a statue of a chameleon. She really likes Pascal from Tangled and was happy to find him.
I was so afraid to walk under this dude. What happens when we has to go to potty???
This lazy polar bear woke up and walked to the edge. Everyone thought he was going to jump in but he laid back down and went to sleep.

Playing with 2 little girls. They were all singing and dancing around the statue. I love how quickly kids make best friends. Also Drumming. Always drumming on everything. She clicks her sticks together and says 1234! and then starts banging.
She saw the friends that she had been playing with earlier. They played in the fountain and got soaked.
 She insists on wearing her "zoo dress" every time we go to the zoo. We missed the flamingos last time. On the way there she told me she really wanted to see them this time.
I guess we really to start going earlier. It was totally worth it and a lot of fun. It has been so nice to have a pass and just go for a few hours. We don't always have to see everything in one day. The best is asking Elinor on the way there what she wants to see. Her interests are growing so much lately, it is amazing to hear her plans on what she wants to see or do.


  1. Cute! I realized I never posted our experience! You all look like you had fun!

  2. She looks so cute in these! She wore her hat all day? You are lucky. It looks FABULOUS on her.