Friday, August 8, 2014

I like food

 We are really stuck on tofu scramble lately. I found breakfast nachos on PPK. We just used the potatoes for a base and tofu scramble on top with tomatoes, onions, black beans. It took a lot of separate prep (roasting the potatoes, making the scramble, making the salsa) but it didn't take too long. Oh! and that's cashew cheezy sauce on top. We had a ton left over but it comes in handy a few days later.
 We were in NYC for the day and of course we went to Red Bamboo. It is always easiest for us to go to and we always know we are getting something good. I got the BLT...
 and got the chicken parm sandwich which was so so so big. I remembered to take pictures after we had already started stuffing our faces. 
 Finished our Red Bamboo trip up with strawberry and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Later we went to Birdbath Bakery in SoHo for a huge chocolate chip cookie. It didn't look like they would have vegan options but there were a stack of these cookies there.
 So many sweets this week. Plymouth Meeting Whole Foods had these chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies. They were small and very good but chocolate made them so much better.
I taught a night class, leaving Dave and Elinor to make dinner on their own. Dave took the leftover cashew cheezy sauce, mixed it with pasta, tofurky sausage and asparagus. It turned out to be the perfect alfredo sauce. So if you do make the breakfast nachos, save your sauce to make alfredo!

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