Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's a....


Or so they say! After our ultrasound the other day she was about to walk out the door and said "It looks like you will be having a healthy baby girl!". We both were shocked and didn't believe her. Dave's family seems to only make boys so we were just assuming from the beginning it was a boy, calling it he the whole time so far.
Hopefully at next appointment they don't say oh wait a second...but then again if they do I'm saving my receipts of any baby girl stuff. We just want the baby to be healthy.
I did have to run to the store and buy my first actual girl clothes that day. Carter's has so many cute clothes and for super cheap. Even though what I picked out wasn't cheap at first, I found out at the counter it was 25% off and then I signed up for them to email me coupons giving me another 25% off! yay discounts and cute clothes.


  1. So adorable! Congrats! My family is exactly the same way with boys - I'm the only girl born into the fam in five generations!

  2. A girl! Congratulations!!!!! Exciting news!

  3. im waiting for the final word before i run around going girl clothes shopping crazy