Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas morning

 Every time we open the pantry, Elinor runs in and grabs the can of baking powder... always. It has been getting pretty low and Dave thought she needed it for Christmas. He dumped the rest into the new container and put it under the tree. Christmas morning we woke up, Elinor went potty and then brought her out to the living room. She was already confused because if it isn't a work day we all lay in bed for awhile before going out to the living room. We pointed under the tree and asked if she wanted to open her presents and then she saw it! The baking powder!! She held onto it until Dave started helping her open more gifts and she realized what was going on. But don't worry she picked it back up after we cleaned up and carried it around with her.
I think the only thing under the tree last Christmas was a gift to Ellie from our friends Tre and Amanda. While we were out the other day at the Aquarium, Tre had stopped by and dropped off gifts. One was actually from his mom. I had felt guilty we didn't have a stocking for Elinor but I had only told Dave that. Well Tre's mom made a stocking for her! I will have to take a picture to share. It is so beautiful and perfect. I can't believe she made it! 
 They found a box set of Little Golden Book Records. We put them on after presents and looked through some books. They are so awesome and I think Elinor is really going to love them.
 Dave does not like to open any gifts until Christmas morning. Since we didn't buy much for her I could understand this year why he really wanted to wait. But while Facetiming with my Parents on Christmas Eve, we convinced him to let her open one of their gifts so they could see. It was so perfect. She opened it and her little face lit up. I was so happy they got to see her reaction. Christmas day she opened their other gift which was Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Little People. She knew what they were right away because she loves her DC Comics ones already. She waved her arms around and bounced up and down until we got them open. 
 One of the few gifts from Santa...wooden fruit. She waited patiently that time to see what it was. 
She got some super cute clothes from her Aunt and Uncle too! Her other gift was a puppy bed. She loves it!! She runs and flops face first on it and rolls around laying on it. We have been using it to lay on for story time and snuggling too.

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  1. Baking powder - that's hilarious. The Little Golden Book Records are awesome.