Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trunk or treat

I have so much to share. We have been on so many trips and done so much, I didn't even know where to begin. Let's just start in October...


Before our trip to Japan, we went to the Garden State Discovery Museum for their trunk or treat night. I love that place and all of their events are so much fun. We went to their princess ball, which I think I also still need to write about. They turned their front parking lot into a safe space for the kids to trunk or treat. They even had My Gym come out with a bouncy house. So many amazing families did a great job decorating their cars. We loved the Wizard Of Oz themed one.


In addition to being able to trick or treat, the whole museum was open. Elinor ran between rooms playing with everything. She even got to touch a snake. I really appreciated the non candy treats they were giving out inside the museum. I hate to have to take away all the non vegan treats but at least I knew there would be fun treats still left over.


We were actually in Japan for Halloween. I was so glad we were able to make it for The Discovery Museums trunk or treat so Elinor could still get to trick or treat. The next day I went through all of her candy picking out what wasn't vegan. She traded us the non vegan candy for cash and we went to pick out a new little toy. She seemed completely ok with that.

Oh! And Elinor was dressed as Jane Banks from Mary Poppins. She was so excited when she saw Mary Poppins and Bert working the front door! Even though her face doesn't show it. It's still all she talks about from that night.

The Garden State Discovey Museum is hosting a Frozen Ball Feb 13. It sounds like it is going to be packed with activities, snacks, sing alongs and meet and greets with characters! We will be there!



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