Monday, March 16, 2015


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As soon as I found out Elinor might be a girl, we went straight to Carter's to buy her first dress. I had been walking by for months wanting to buy everything in there. We have been big fans of the cute styles and prices since then.

I planned a special day with just me and Elinor for our shopping spree. She was so excited. We haven't gone on a shopping spree in a long time and I decided to just let her pick whatever she wanted. She is very sure of what she likes. The days of me picking clothes for her are already long gone.

How perfect to have this below the register? No chasing kids around while trying to pay.

The sales associates were so sweet. They asked what we were looking for and Elinor yelled "pretty dresses!". She laughed and directed us to the display of spring and Easter dresses. She also mentioned all the amazing sales that were going on that day. Not only tees and shorts are $6 each or $8 for one, but the swimsuits and dresses were on sale that day!

Grumpy kid wanting to try on all of these clothes! Hurry up mom!

Elinor was grabbed a blue airy dress. Which was strange to me because with her, the bigger the puffy dress with big prints, the better. Which they had plenty of too. She also needed a blue sweater to go with it. I wasn't sure and suggested the white one. She was right though, the blue looked really good together.

I later realized she thought this was similar to a Cinderella dress.

She had a hard time choosing a swimsuit. There were so many options but it came down to which one had a skirt on it. She's funny. There was also a really cute hooded towel with a mermaid on it. There was a pirate one too. They were so cool! I wish we got one. Best part for mama, all suits are UPF 50+ and the sun hats too!

We finished off our trip with some shoes, sunglasses, hat, skirt and yoga pants. I can't believe how much we got for only $100. Elinor was begging to try everything on right away. I promised a fashion show when we got home.

The $6 each or $8 for one mix and match shorts and tees is only until March 25, so hurry! Go snag up some super cute outfits and use this coupon!

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  1. I love what you guys picked out! I have been shopping at Carter's since I was pregnant w/ my son 6 years ago. The quality of the clothes is unbeatable for the prices!