Monday, February 23, 2015

My gym

*we were invited to a complimentary class at my gym. All thought and opinions are my own.

Last week we were invited to check out My Gym in Springfield. I've seen it before and wanted to check it out but you know, life. I was so excited to finally go. I knew Elinor would love it.

They ran a demo class for us starting with a circle time. Going around the circle asking everyone's name and what they had for breakfast. Elinor told everyone she just had berries which wasn't true. It's funny to see what kids come up with on the spot. Then they jumped right into warming up their bodies with some dancing around, stretching, and wiggling. Elinor was in and out of the circle. The staff was great with letting kids play around on their own and guiding them back into the group when they seemed ready.

My Gym staff had a great balance of free play while they set up the next activity. Elinor really seemed to enjoy the format. Everyone was so encouraging. Sometimes Elinor gets a little nervous doing something new by herself. She seemed to not have a problem at all. Especially on the zip line! She is really nervous about heights but when it was her turn she walked right up the steps and went for it (with staff help of course).

We had a great experience at My Gym. I was surprised to find out how many classes they offered for ages 6 months-10 years old. They also offer summer camp, parent's night out, and birthday party packages.

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